1000gb usbflash or?

By car670 ·
hello i have a usb falsh it is nomaly 8gb (5 years old) but when i go in to the computeradminstration under diskhandling where you can se your hdd an usb flash memmory stick an so on it show the nomal 8gb free but then it has 1016gb "non_allokeret" sorry i dont know what it is called in english. So what i wud like to know is. can i get the 1016gb non-allokeret space so i can use it nomaly. when i right click on the 1016gb part i cant clisk on new partition so do any one have any ideas?

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DO NOT DO THIS, you will damage your flash drive..

If it is 8gb then keep it as is, do not change it or you will/could destroy it all together.
Just use it as normal.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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I suspect the "Unallocated" space is the stick's filing system...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 1000gb usbflash or?

The bit of the stick that tells it that it is a stick of USB flash RAM.

In this present day, one Terabyte of flash RAM is only for the military and certainly would occupy far more space than the inside of a flash RAM stick.

As Peconet has already said, if you mess around with this Unallocated area you will end up with something only useful if you wish to jam a door open, or scratch that hard-to-reach part of your back.

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