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    105x105mbs through wired connection but 5×20 through wifi?


    by diverse- ·

    I recently got new internet installed, fiber connection 100x100mbs. Wired to my PC it does perfectly fine, but over wifi it is horrible, ranged between 2mbsx10mbs to the highest its shown is 30×25 (and my ps4 is showing 1×1). I have used two different routers to test on. One is a D-link DIR-842 and the other is a D-link DIR-632. Both have the same speeds when tested, using Now, i have 5G enabled on the router but it is showing no internet access (not sure why) so i have not tried it over 5G. Also all being tested while im right next to the router, anyone know what could be causing this?

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      WiFi is always slower no matter what you do

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to 105x105mbs through wired connection but 5×20 through wifi?

      As things are the wired connection you have is fast but when you use the WiFi option it is slower as it has to be because the fastest that any WiFi can go is dependant on the WiFi standard that the devices you have can communicate at.

      As things stand the 802.11n which is the oldest is also the slowest and the newest 80211ac which is the newest and the fastest is still considerably slower than the claimed speeds and when in use both devices have to have the same specifications and both communicating on the same standard.

      And then add in other things in a WiFi home which cause interference and the claimed top speeds can be nothing but slower speeds as the signal is being messed up with other frequences interfering with a clean signal on whatever of the 802.11 standards you are using.

      5G on the other hand is a different system and only applies to the Wireless Signal to the Router which you are using a Fibre connection for the 5G network would require that you have an Active 5G Sim Card installed and a working 5G Account which again is going to be slower than the fibre connection you currently have.

      Not all Wireless connections are the same and all internal connections in your home will be on the 802.11 Standards.

      I should also point out that the range of the 802.11 is at least 500 meters so you also need to lock down your WiFi signal so others do not steal your connection and slow down your speeds even further.

      You should also understand that the stated speed for any of the 802.11 Standards only apply to one device being used at a time and if more are in use the top speed possible will be split between however many devices you have running at the time so with 2 devices running off the router the best you can achieve is something a bit slower than .5 of the top rated speed and that drops the more that you have connected at any time.

      To state the Bleeding Obvious a wired connection is always faster than a Wireless connection it is just basic Phyisics and that is without taking into account any thing within the dwelling that will cause a poor signal to be recieved by any Wireless connected device which are numerious and needs a professional to explain after looking at the building to work out what may be happening.

      None the less all device communication is on the 802.11 Standard and the 5G is another way to reach the Internet over a wireless connection no internal devices will be using the 5G network with the possible exception a Mobile.

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        Connected devices

        by diverse- ·

        In reply to WiFi is always slower no matter what you do

        I appreciate the response. I’m using a google pixel 2 smartphone to check the speeds. I Work in telecommunications, i install internet for businesses and have used my phone to check their speeds before, and have seen over 100 by 100 on it. I dont think the device connected to it is the problem.

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      So then what exactly are you testing?

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to 105x105mbs through wired connection but 5×20 through wifi?

      The speed to the Router and wired computer are two different things.

      One is the speed from the ISP to the Router which varies depending on what other loads are on that system.

      Then there is the speed between the Router and computer on the Network Cable and finally any device you are connected to through the 802.11 Network.

      The highest speed should be from the ISP tot he Router which can be displayed on anything including your Phone if you test the speed from the ISP to the Router and not the speed from the Router to the Phone.

      As I said above wired connections are always faster with the current Gigabyt Speeds being the fastest possible around 1 GPS .

      Speeds over the 802.11 network can not exceed

      802.11a 54 MBS
      802.11b 11 MBS
      802.11g 54 MBS
      802.11n 600 MBS

      Those are the therotical max speeds and in reality slower is to be expected just like the speeds listed for the ISP which vary during the day depending on the load on their system.

      Other things like Fluro Lights Bluetooth Devices and Microwave Ovens disrupt the 802.11 Signal and slow down the speeds and there is Interference on the Signal which requires more Error Correction and then things like Metal in Walls can contribute to a Farady Cage Effect and weaken the signal so things like Metal Farmed houses have a weaker signal than a wood framed house with the same layout and electrical devices fitted. Of course different electrical devices affect the 802.11 Signal in different ways so it’s impossible to say what is going to happen and then you also have to consider that the 802.11 Signal progates in a Flat Plane so depending on the orintation of the Areal/s a device in a lower or higher plane may not even get a signal strong enough to read let alone make a solid connection to. Read that as devices on different floors or if the Aerials are arranged to give off a Horozental Plane then devices a few feet away on the same floor may not get a signal strong enough to connect at the fastest speeds.

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