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11 Days to go! - Additional note on setting up the Prank

By Tink! ·
For those of you planning this, just an extra note:

I am having it run at startup and will be setting her volume ALL the way up the night before. But she normally has singing songbirds chirping when she logs in. Obviously she will turn down her volume if she hears her songbirds blasting when she logs in. Sooo...I took the wav file of her songbirds and made a copy that is cut down to about an eighth of the normal volume. That way when it is played with the volume all the way up, it sounds normal.

(I didn't want to disable the songbirds as that would also raise suspicion of something amiss)

FYI these sound file adjustments are done using a trial software called WavePad. I don't remember which download site I got if off of (probably Cnet) but I'm sure y'all can find it. It's got some really great features and is very user-friendly (I think anyway).

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Tink REPENT your evil ways immediately!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 11 Days to go! - [b]Addi ...

This type of conduct is Not Acceptable or funny you need to do something far worse to make people laugh.

Like setting the BSOD as a desktop and moving all the icons off the desktop. That will not only drive her crazy but Tech Support as well when the usual solutions don't cure the perceived problem. It helps if you move the task bar and shrink it down so that it's hard to find or so I'm told but as I'm Pure as the Driven Snow I wouldn't know anything at all about doing something like this. Honest! :0

Of course if you could tie things up with Tech Support with them insisting Is It Turned On? or Are you sure that It's Plugged In? or Do you have a Genuine Copy of Windows Installed? You could keep this up all day and leave the poor girl close to the loony bin. Of course if you disconnect the mouse and plug in another one hidden down in the clutter of cables and the like that's good for a few hours of Fault Finding. Although I have no first hand experience of this I'm told that it does happen.


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You are too Innocent!

by Tink! In reply to Tink [b]REPENT your evil ...

[yea right :) ]

Those ideas (that you heard of) would be wonderfully fun and evil ideas but alas I do not have the opportunity to use such creativity as I am the sole Tech Support/IT person in the company. I'd be playing jokes on myself!

I have to settle for a little Halloween scare. (Am currently trying to find someone with a small camcorder to set up on a nearby desk and hopefully catch the prank in action!)

Tink :)

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OH in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You are too Innocent!

A web cam will work just as well as a Camcorder and it can be left there without any problems.

As you being the only Tech available you could also keep the old adage of Are you sure that it's turned on? Have you rebooted it yet? then walk up plug in a different mouse and leave the old one there just to drive the user mad.

Honest I've never done anything like any of the above mainly as I've been too busy trying to kill off apprentices who think that they know far more than the Hardware fitters and keep making the same mistake destroying so much hardware in the process.

However at one place that I was working they sold Electric Cattle Prods and as I was buried under a mainframe every time that a particular apprentice walked past I would grab one of the cattle prods that I had Borrowed and poke him in the backside with it. I never ever saw him move so fast and as the prod was buried by the time that he came back he couldn't figure out what was happening. I suggested that as he had a tendency to walk along dragging his hand on the hardware that maybe there was a Static Discharge Occurring but he never worked it out and eventually when he realised that he had to walk past me that way he became very careful in what he touched.

One day when I'm felling really good I'll tell you about when I put a fire hose on him. When the entire incident was investigated I was found to have acted correctly but he to this day he still insists that I was enjoying myself way too much. :)


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Repost code?

by Bubba69 In reply to 11 Days to go! - [b]Addi ...

Nevermind... found it :-)

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an old prank

by d.husmann In reply to 11 Days to go! - [b]Addi ...

Back in grad school I took a class in microcomputer programming...first assignment was to write a virus (professor figured seeing how easy it is, we'd lose interest in writing any more). Anyway I created a virus that write protects the hard drive. The system works normally until you try to save anything on the hard drive. I've used it in a class on troubleshooting computers!

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