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12 beeps

By rilisgomez ·
I have a pc with w2k that will not boot, when I turn it on I get 12 consecutive beeps with about
a two second interval. I'm computer literate, but
not tech savy, so any help will be greatly

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by CG IT In reply to 12 beeps

it's those 12 monkeys!!!

here's a web site for beep codes. OR

For Award BIOS, says anthing other than 1 long and 2 short is a memory problem. for a AMI BIOS, 8 short beeps is a chipset problem.

Need to know who made the BIOS

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by willcomp In reply to 12 beeps

Generally, prolonged, repeating beeps indicate a memory error: either main memory or video memory.

First, remove system memory and clean contacts with pencil eraser. Ensure all cards are seated, especially video card.

If no luck above and you have access to spares, try replacing system memory and/or video card and see which is successful.

As stated in previous response, beep codes are specific to BIOS manufacturer. Basic beep codes haven't changed much since AT days though.

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