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12 days of Christmas...

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The game:
Using TR as a backdrop, create a Christmas Eve narrative.

The rules:

1. Christmas Eve in the village of TR is the subject.
2. Minimally, your portion of the narrative should involve you, and the member to whom you respond.
3. Other characters should be limited to TR members, and tidbits of information we know about you, and them, via TR posts.
4. The disappearing ?traditional spirit of the season? message should come through to some degree.
5. The entirety of the posts should be somewhere near coherent as one story when viewed in Print/View All.
6. It could be a good idea to leave room to expand in order to carry on for awhile. B-)
7. Should be a third-person narrative, please.
8. Only entries to the ongoing narrative will be awarded thumbs, and only those entries that meet the above listed requirements.

Commentary is welcome, as are emoticons, Christmas music, pictures, references to posts made by members; all within the context of the storyline.

It was Christmas Eve in the frequently fussy but magical village of Tech Republic. A hard, cold winter had set in. The kind that brings things to a grinding halt with lots and lots of snow. By mid-December major thoroughfares were closed to travelers. Villagers were restless.

The sky glowered, periodically sputtering snowflakes big as a fist. After an hour or two during which not much more than conversation and coffee with a few of the townsfolk took place, the local boxfiddler closed shop early and headed home. No sooner had she locked the door than snow began to fall slowly and steadily.

As she walked, she grinned broadly at the beauty the snow brought. When she thought no one was looking, she danced about a bit with her tongue out to catch the snowflakes, dim memories of childhood broadening her grin.

She stopped at NickNielsen?s shop for groceries, having invited some folk for dinner Christmas Day. Then, on to ScummyCands for TheScummyOne?s world famous homemade toffee. Plenty to do this afternoon, including some baking of her own. She still hadn?t finished with Christmas cookies, and had promised the local welder some homemade raisin bread.

Afternoon settled into evening. As dusk came on the snow began to fall in blizzard like fashion. Having completed her baking, as well as prep for Christmas dinner, boxy settled in for a peaceful Christmas Eve. The fire glowed warmly. She added a log to the fire, poured a snifter of blackberry brandy, and shut off the lights. Basking in the fire to her back, awed by the raging blizzard to her front, she quickly fell into deep reverie.

edit: fix NickNielsen, and a couple redundancies while I was at it.

edit again: it might be worth noting that TR members are residents of Tech Republic village. B-)

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Christmas Eve in the village of TR

by Tig2 In reply to 12 days of Christmas...

Thinking back on the days before, when she was more an observer of life in the village than a participant, she compared then and now- an active member of the community. She considered that, while at first she had been reluctant and felt vulnerable, she had grown to love the people of the village in a new way. Many of them had stopped being faces in a crowd and had become, in a fashion, family. The thought of a large and loving family contented her.

Suddenly out of the whiteness of the heavy snow came a knock on the door. "Who in the world would be out in such weather?" she wondered as she hurried to see who was on her door step.

Wrapped from head to toe in scarves, hat, and mittens stood Tigger. "i couldn't believe how quickly the snow started!" she exclaimed as she shook the snow off and removed her furry boots. "I had to stop by, I was afraid I would miss the crowd tomorrow and I couldn't let Christmas come and go without giving you a gift." Tigger dug deep into a pocket and pulled out a small box. "Merry Christmas, boxy!"

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Christmas Eve in the vill ...

giving Tigger a big hug and dragging her to the fire, boxy exclaimed, "Merry Christmas to you too! Stay a bit. At least warm up before you head back out into the weather. Good grief, but it's not the kind of night to be out and about. Let me get you a brandy. Now, you warm up, while I rummage about under the tree. I've something for you here."

Tigger and boxy chatted and sipped for a bit, reminiscing about past Christmases, wondering about villagers who had moved... The sort of thing friends do on Christmas Eve.

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Just as the conversation started to die off

by NickNielsen In reply to Christmas Eve in the vill ...

in favor of observing the fire, there came another knock at the door. Boxy answered the door to discover nicknielsen, his arms full of boxes and bottles.

"I saw Tigger stop in, and hoped you might like some more company," said Nick. "I also thought you might enjoy some of the German Christmas cookies from the store with a bottle of Gluwein. I picked some up from JDClyde's liquor store. It's a German mulled wine and it's delicious; all you have to do it heat it. There's also plenty of hot chocolate for anybody who doesn't drink."

"Shall we start the party early?"

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boxy laughed delightedly.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Just as the conversation ...

Such a night for visitors!

"Get your butt in here Nick. There's plenty of room by the fire." She relieved him of his packages, took his hat and coat, and offered him a brandy. Giving Tigger the cookies to open, she asked Nick if he minded her saving the wine for the morrow. Being the kindly sort he is, he graciously said, "Not at all. I'd rather a brandy on a night like this anyway." boxy put the wine away, and got to rooting around under the tree again.

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As Boxy was checking under the tree

by NickNielsen In reply to Just as the conversation ...

Nick glanced at Tigger, placed a finger over his lips, and carefully retrieved a box from the bottom of the bag of cookies. He showed the box to Tigger, who on reading "Aplets and Cotlets" raised her eyebrows and smiled in anticipation. Nick then slipped it under the tree on the other side from Boxy.

Unfortunately for Nick's surprise, Boxy chose that moment to emerge from under the tree...

Product link (blatant plug, these things are awesome!)

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In the warm glow of the fire

by Tig2 In reply to Just as the conversation ...

Three friends reminisced about their first Christmas in the village. The times that new friends introduced themselves, the times that they had had to bring the law down on miscreants. Tonight, even the miscreants were somehow endearing, washed as they were in the perspective of time and good company.

"Has anyone seen OzMedia? Or that new guy that just moved in- dhutton is it?", Tigger asked. "With all the snow, I can't see as far as the street", Nick replied. "But I thought I saw them earlier today". "I had hoped to see OnTheRopes today", Boxy said. "But it seems there is never enough time to do all the things there are to do in a day. I wish it wasn't that way."

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Nick excused himself from the room

by Tig2 In reply to Just as the conversation ...

Boxy leaned over and whispered to Tigger, "Just what was Nick putting under the tree?" "I have no idea, dear. I thought he just had to tie his shoelace or something. He did need to leave the room."

Boxy started to stand up and thought the better of it. She could wait until morning to see if Nick had put something under the tree. To her, the real gift was spending an evening chatting with friends.

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Outside, as the snow continued to fall...

by Michael Jay In reply to Nick excused himself from ...

Michael steped out of his store, "Michael's Computers and Things". As he locked the doors he muttered to himself, "that dang Ropes, he said he would come and pick up that Nikon P80, guess the old coot went to Lynn's "The Gadget Girl Shop" for that".

As he walked thru the snow he reflected on the past year, not a bad one he thought.

Remembering the invite to Boxy's Christmas eve party he turned right, skating across the street like a kid and onto Republic Blvd where Boxie lived.

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Closing the Gadget Girl shop, GG pulled down the shutters

by gadgetgirl In reply to Outside, as the snow cont ...

and looked down at the snow under her feet. Knowing it would be a long hard slog, she gingerly started slipping and sliding along to Republic Boulevard.

Of course, three steps later, she found herself sat on the floor muttering "oh no. Not again!" Wishing snow had never been invented, she wondered how she was going to get to Boxys' place in one piece.

As luck would have it, and, knowing how accident prone she was, a very thoughtful Dawg, not sleeping at all, pulled up in his car. "I knew you'd be in trouble! Hop in!"

After putting her numerous goody bags in the back, GG got in and had a safe and warm drive to Republic Blvd. Getting her safely out of the car and up the drive, Dawg left, saying he'd be back later after running a few errands.

GG hovered around the drive for a while till he'd gone. Then, taking out the MP3 player, and a set of mini speakers, she giggled to herself and turned the volume up to full.

A few seconds later, "Here come the Girls" blasted around the area: inside, Tig and Boxy laughed, stating it could only be one person doing that.....

With squeals of delight, GG ran up to the door to be greeted by Boxy and Tigs. Massive hugs all round! A great start to the night!

After getting rid of her numeous layers of outdoor clothing, GG popped into the kitchen to make a quick check up call on Pa, who fell on the ice and broke his shoulder the previous week. (Yeah, sorry, that bit IS, sadly, true )

Boxy remembered that GG didn't like brandy, so passed over a small but appropriate gin and tonic, with a large chunk of lime - just the way GG liked it.

The girls were getting on Nick and Michaels nerves as they wouldn't stop giggling and talking! After 10 minutes of not being able to get a word in edgeways, Michael reminded GG she'd offered to make some good old fashioned English mulled wine.

Taking one of her bags of goodies, GG commandeered Boxys' kitchen, humming the old song

to herself......

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A knock at the door and

by Michael Jay In reply to Just as the conversation ...

Boxfiddler answers, it is Michael Jay, "O what a beautiful Christmas tree Boxie" exclaims Michael, and all eyes turn to the tree.

Michael gives Boxie a big Christmas hug and then realizing that he has left the gifts back at his store says; "Holy Crap Boxie, I left the presents back at the store, gotta run be right back, hang in there Nick and Tig".

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