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اريد التوجيه بما تريدونه مني حتي أفهم ما هو المطلوب بعد كل هذه المحاولة

By aborabieamohamed ·
هذه الكتابات والتعليقات تعبت منها لا ادري ما الذي تريدونه مني انا اشترك واتبع التوجيهات وكل اشتراك اشترك فيه لا يثبت بل أطالب بتسجيل الدخول وبعدها تأتيني رسالة خطأ وبقدر ما اتبعت التوجيهات لاتاتي بأي جديد لذلك رجاء اذا لم تسمحوا لي ان اكون عضو في المنتدى لاتتعبوني فقط ارسلوا لي رسالة ان أتوقف من الاشتراك وطلب العضوية
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I want to direct what you want from me so I can understand

These writings and comments i am tired of them I do not know what you want from me I subscribe and follow the directions and every subscription i subscribe to does not prove but I demand to log in and then you get me an error message and as far as I follow the instructions do not come anything new so please if you do not allow me to be a member of the forum do not bother me just send I have a message to stop signing up and applying for membership.

(English translation by Bing Microsoft Translator)

Reminder...please post in English, this increases the
likelihood of helpful responses.

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Please clarify what problem you are experiencing

Be as complete as possible, detail any issues.
Perhaps include text of error messages, if possible.
Remember also the site is in English, and translation
can be difficult.
Thanks! Wiz

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