128Mbit technoloy RAM versus 64Mbit technology RAM

By robbieduddy ·
How do I dentify the difference between 64 and 128 Mbit technology?
(The pdf files I downloaded for the MS6188 motherboards I'm actually building into PIII sets tells me that they can take 256 (2 x 12 on 64 Mbit tech and 512 (2 x 256) on 128 Mbit tech. I would like to upgrade to 512 but do not know how to identify which module to use

In what way is PC100, PC133, PC333 etc related to 64 Mbit technology and or 128 Mbit technology?
Is for instance an 256 SDRAM PC133 333 stick necessarily 128 Mbit technology?
Then there's PC133L and PC133U - all very confusing
Enlighten me please!

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If it were Simple

by TheChas In reply to 128Mbit technoloy RAM ver ...

If it was simple, life with RAM would be easy.

First off, for your PIII systems, forget about PC333. For that matter, unless your processors have 133 MHz front side bus speed, stick with PC100 devices. (Very few socket 370 CPUs support 133 MHz FSB.)

The 64 bit versus 128 bit technology relates to how wide the bus is on a single memory chip. For a given amount of RAM, a 64 bit DIMM will have twice as many memory chips on it as a 128 bit technology device will.

Major manufactures like Kingston and PNY will give you full specifications on their DIMMs.

If memory serves me well, you should be okay with 8 chip 256 MB DIMMs.


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by robbieduddy In reply to If it were Simple

Thanks For your help chas. I think I've got the jist of it now

Thanks again

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