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129gb SATA hard drive

By koko122333 ·
i just got new pc with sata 120gb hd and would like to install
win XP. installing the xp comes with a message that canot find
any hard drive . i ran fdisk and created 2 partitions, 60gb each.
started the xp installation and again got "no hard drive found.."
please advice what i have to do? how to setup the sata 120gb
thank you

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by TheChas In reply to 129gb SATA hard drive

Serial ATA drive controllers were not out when XP was released.

There is a point in XP setup where you have the option to install a SCSI or other drive controller.

You need to have the XP driver for the SATA controller on a floppy disk, and press the key to install a driver. Then, XP will install the SATA driver and be able to find a drive and complete setup.


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by koko122333 In reply to 129gb SATA hard drive

is it a standard driver? that can be installed every where or each mfg. has its own driver.
please advice from where i can download it
thank you

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by CG IT In reply to 129gb SATA hard drive

In addition to TheChas's answer in the mainboard bios you need to enable boot SCSI, boot other device as the SATA is seen by Windows as a SCSI device.

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by CG IT In reply to

to give you an answer to your comment, no it's not an install anywhere driver. Here's a quick and dirty install sequence for SATA drives and Windows XP assuming it's a clean install. Connect your SATA drives to the SATA controller. Boot and enter the mainboard BIOS. [since the computer is booted to BIOS, stick the Windows XP CD into your drive]. Set the boot order to boot CD-ROM, Boot SCSI and if there is an option for boot other make that # 3 in the boot order. Save settings and exit. reboot.

Once you've rebooted watch your screen you'll see boot CD press any key press a key. Watch the setup messages on the bottom portion of the windows. You'll see a message press F6 to install SCSI or other mass storage devices. when you see that, press F6. During the setup process, Windows XP will ask you for those drivers. If you have the Promise SATA Controller , then you'll have to install items. note there's 2 you need to install!!! The Promise 378 controller AND the Promise SATA driver. those should be on a floppy disk that came with the SATA mainboard. remember to remove the floppy windows setup has installed them. Windows XP will then install the drivers and O/S. follow the prompts. Once XP is installed it will auto reboot. Here's the tricky part. If you've installed the right drivers and controller, AND enabled boot SCSI boot other device, you shouldn't have a problem booting to Windows. If you didn't, have to start over.

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