1394 net adapter or ether driver help, xp 64 bit pro sp1 desktop.

By josephangel00 ·
I recently reimaged my desktop with windows 64 bit professional service pack 1 .

When I look at my device manager I see no Ethernet drivers were found. I had the 1394 net adapter and I uninstalled it and been searching the internet for either or both of these drivers but no luck? Do I need to installed Windows Service pack 2 64 bit professional? I unfortanetly do not have a wifi card to connect to the internet and do the windows updates. =/

Where do I get these drivers?

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Any particular brand of desktop?

by robo_dev In reply to 1394 net adapter or ether ...

Or if no brand, what particular make/model of motherboard?

We assume the motherboard has on-board Ethernet?

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You get "these drivers"

by Charles Bundy In reply to 1394 net adapter or ether ...

From the hardware manufacturer. Or buy one of these for $20 - $30

They are handy in those "no network" new PC installs.

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Motherboard Drivers wanted: check your cd/dvd, you may find this

by Kissourine In reply to 1394 net adapter or ether ...

Motherboard Drivers (or Ethernet card if you plug your eth cable on another card than the motherboard) wanted ! check your motherboard cd/dvd... then run it, restart, if no more link appaers, fix your ip address, press "ok" and press "apply change when leaving", wait 1 minutes and test, if no connection switch your ip to automatic ok/apply change... wait 1min, test, should be ok.

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