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15-20 km apart satellite campuses

By modibatm ·
We have 3 campuses. What is needed is a network connection (routers, servers, etc) ? So we are proposing satellite dishes for connection but is there any alternative that is cheaper than this, please let me know. The distance is 15 -20 KM from each other. Please inform me of what we should have to access the method and specify how this method will function.

What do we need to have (hardware etc), what does the design contain, who should are the suppliers as well (Cisco etc.)?

I can be grateful if i could be assisted on these items.

Thank you in advance

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by cmiller5400 In reply to 15-20 km apart satellite ...

I would use an T1 to interconnect the offices. You would need to determine a "HUB" site that all T1's will terminate. There you will need a router cabable of having at least 3 T1 interfaces and then each satelite office will have a T1 from the HUB. You may need a CSU between the smartjack and the router depending on configurations.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 15-20 km apart satellite ...

For some Government Jobs I used to use Microwave Links for distances like this but they are line of sight type connections and if there are hills and the like in the road you'll have problems. Of course with Government work this wasn't an issue as they would just add a repeater station on any intervening hills/whatever but I wasn't a cheap option.

A straight VPN through a T1 connection should do just a good a job unless there is a vast amount of Traffic involved.


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