15" Laptop vs 17" Laptop

By RapidRuben ·
I'm in a position where i have to buy a new laptop for college and in the recent future for work.
I need a laptop for programming and adobe programs like photoshop, illustrator, premier etc...

I'm in between 2 laptops, MSI 17.3" GP72MVR 7RFX and the MSI 15.6" GP62M 7REX.
I would like the 17-inch one for multitasking (to be able to have multiple windows on screen) but I don't know if it's gonna be a big difference in portability. The 15-inch is 383 x 260 x 22~29 mm and weighs 2.2 kg, the 17-inch is 419 x 287 x 29~32 mm and weighs 2.7kg.

Is that a big difference?
Anyone got some suggestions or advise?

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I would go with the one you prefer

by tcavadias Staff In reply to 15" Laptop vs 17" Laptop

I personally would go with the 17in, since that is the one you prefer. Considering you plan to use it later in the workforce, you will be much happier with that choice instead of kicking yourself over not having gotten it.

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17 Inch All The Way

by admin1521118546 In reply to 15" Laptop vs 17" Laptop

The weight difference isn't that much to be fair, so I'd go for the 17", especially if you're going to use it for gaming.

I was going to get an Alienware laptop 17" i7 but decided not to as it weighs 4.4kg!!!

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15" Laptop vs 17" Laptop

by dbcomp In reply to 15" Laptop vs 17" Laptop

17'' laptop is best for college and also you looking for future.

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