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16 bit DOS programs and Windows XP

By jmacmillan ·
I have four computers running on XP and all have a 16 bit DOS program installed. The program works fine in all but one of the computers. All computers are identical and have the same permissions, etc.

The program starts up with a blank screen on the 4th computer. Have to use "end know" to close it out.

Any suggestions to solve this problem would be appreciated.



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by master3bs In reply to 16 bit DOS programs and W ...

How do you do an end know?

Right-click the program on a pc that works and go to properties. Note all of the options listed, especially in the memory tab and make sure the programs are listed the same on the other one.

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Re: 16 bit programs

by jmacmillan In reply to ?

In order to end the program, I have to do a ALT-TAB to return to the desktop and then RIGHT CLICK on the program in the task bar and CLOSE, which brings up the END NOW box.

All the properties are identical between computers.

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16 bit programs

by j_sheffield In reply to Re: 16 bit programs

try this. Had a similar problem with 16 bit programs and this fixed it.
hope it helps you. Url below.


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Find Diference

by Mick_G In reply to 16 bit DOS programs and W ...

If all computers are "identical" all would work. There is obviously a difference causing the program to hang.
Identify all hardware is the same with bios settings identical to working units. Substitute hard disks to identify if problem is software related.
If so you could clone a working machines hdd and manually change the activation serial when completed.

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You do have to find the difference, but it isn't hard

by dbucyk In reply to 16 bit DOS programs and W ...

When you are running 16 bit applications in Windows XP, there is a certain memory space that it takes because XP has to create a virtual window for that application.

XP is not the problem. See if you can change the properties of the program and how it utilizes the memory

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