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16-bit software in Windows XP?

By danielq ·
Is there a way to run 16-bit software correctly in Windows XP? I can get the software to run by editing the properties of the excutable and instucting Windows XP to run it as a Windows 98 application.
The problem is the software was designed to talk to hardware on the ISA bus and doesnt use drivers. I think it talks directly to the memory allocated to each peice hardware on ISA backplane. Is there a way to get the software to work with the hardware?

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Admin rights?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 16-bit software in Window ...

Are you running the app while logged on as an account with local administrator privileges? I guarantee that will be needed if the app talks directly to the hardware.

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It has began to load the harware

by danielq In reply to Admin rights?

Thanks, that has started to load the hardware! However it hits another error with the 16bit subsystem. The software loads on my laptop which is operating under Windows XP with a Intel Centrino Duo with no errors. The system which has the hardware connected to the ISA bus is operating under a Intel P4 3.0Ghz 512MB RAM. Anymore ideas?

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Did you find a solution for this?

by paul.smitton In reply to 16-bit software in Window ...

I have exactly the same problem.
Let me know if you found a solution.


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16-bit program on 64-bit machine - solution that might work

by mortenmadsen15 In reply to Did you find a solution f ...

Check out another reply I just posted to the main thread :)

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16-bit program on 64-bit machine - workarround that works!

by mortenmadsen15 In reply to 16-bit software in Window ...

Okay, so since Microsoft released their Virtual PC, the 16-bit problem has become easy to solve (as long as you don't require hardware access - sorry):
1. Download and install Virtual PC:
2. Install a version of windows which allows running of 16-bit software.

At the moment run the old Heroes 2 Might and Magic on a Windows Xp using this method. Works well indeed.

Drawbacks to the method: Limited hardware access if Hardware Visualization is not supported by your current hardware.
You need another version of Windows.
You need more harddrive space.
Of course you will need to learn how to use VPC (which is rather simple though).

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