160gb HDD - BIOS only detects 30gb

By RazzleBlazzle ·
Got a new samsung 160gb hard drive, when creating a partition, the winXP setup only detects 30gb of the disk. Have tried everything and have tried manually setting the parameters of the drive, but it won't let me change anything. This is a new motherboard (FOXCONN 760GXK8MC-RS SOCKET 754) and I cant understand why the bios can't see the remaining 130gb, maybe there's a simple bios setting Ive missed. If anyone thinks they might have a solution to this it would be great, any help at all would be much appreciated.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to 160gb HDD - BIOS only det ...

Here is a link to remedies suggested by Samsung if the capacity is limited to 32GB:

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by RazzleBlazzle In reply to Jumper?

Hi Toivo,

I think that this might be the ticket. Thanks for the link, it is very helpful.

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Which Version Of XP?

by TheChas In reply to 160gb HDD - BIOS only det ...

Does the HDD detection and the POST show only 30 GB or the full 160GB?

If the BIOS is only showing 30GB, then you need to check for a BIOS update for the motherboard.

Also, check the drive jumpers. Some drives have jumpers that limit the capacity for use on legacy systems.

Which version of XP are you using to set up this drive?

Also, what file format are you using?

The initial release of XP had a drive size limit of around 126GB.

When formatting a drive as a FAT32 volume, XP has another limit. Which I thought was around 40GB.

Keep in mind, that once a partition is set and formatted, you will need to remove the partition before you can set up a larger partition.


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Hard drive issues

by Bikeracer0007 In reply to 160gb HDD - BIOS only det ...

It can be a number of possible issues. Have you tried adding it as a slave to another computer and format it there then bring it back to your computer and install windows? If it makes you angry you can use it as a paper weight and buy a new more powerful hard drive

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