1811 router lock out----HELP

By mikebobski ·
I have a 1811 cisco router, i got it free ,dont know password, when try to get into con0 port connection made but no data, they must of shut down the port, so i cannot get into to do password recovery, also busy led light is always on (is that right) sys led light shows it is booting fine, is ther anyone that can tell me if there is a reset on hardware or otherwise some other way to get into Router for i can do something, please help, Thank you very much Mike

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not unless you can use the console port

by CG IT In reply to 1811 router lock out----H ...

there's no other way

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by mikebobski In reply to not unless you can use th ...

Is there any way to reset from hardware (motherboard)side to turn console port back on> thanks, PS thanks for reply

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not a computer with a BIOS and battery

by CG IT In reply to reset

check cisco's web site on the 1800s or open up a TAC support case.

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by mikebobski In reply to not a computer with a BIO ...

Thanks for help

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Sorry but honestly there's no reset button

by CG IT In reply to Thanks

on Cisco equipment. There's no battery to take out to revert to default. If you can not get in via a console port, VTY port, or via the web browser, your pretty much screwed.

The reason is that to do a control+break to interupt the booting, you must send that command to the router. That's done via the console port. If you can do that, control break, you try password recovery using confreg registers. See Cisco's web site for password recovery procedures on the 1800. It will tell you how to interrupt the boot sequence and reset the password.

This is how Cisco equipment is.

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