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184 Asset Contr4ol Antenna Not Detected

By eraser3498 ·
I booted an IBM PL300 today and was diappointed to find an error message
The RF-ID Tag Has Changed,
184 Asset control Antenna not detected.
System security- Keyborad is now locked.
System Security Keyboard is Unlocked.
176 The system has been tampered with.
Turn power to your system off and then on
Your System is Now locked.

I replaced the CMOS battery and cleared it, but It still can get into the Bios to disable the security settings. Any ideas. BY the way this is my machine.

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by eraser3498 In reply to 184 Asset Contr4ol Antenn ...

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by setantapc In reply to 184 Asset Contr4ol Antenn ...

My friend and I have also encountered this error with IBM GL300's. We acquired a bunch during a Gov't upgrade and a number displayed this error.

It seemed any we had removed memory or swapped HD's in or made any changes displayed this so it is evident that it is some sort of inventory "tamper prevent" feature. We had limited success by doing a BIOS Flash.

What I mean by that is 4 out of 5 worked, the odd 1 still displayed this message despite BIOS Flash, CMOS wipe, and attempted return to original config.

An internet search suggested hardware issues like bad CMOS Battery or other culprits..

Good Luck.

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by eraser3498 In reply to

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by zlitocook In reply to 184 Asset Contr4ol Antenn ...

I found this on Sun Javas site.
Re: RF-ID Tag has changed.
Apr 16, 2005 7:59 PM (reply 14 of 35)

Just to review the scope of this thread:

This is not a Java issue.

This message only occurs on IBM systems; laptop, workstations and servers. The full value is 0176 and is hexadecimal.

The important line here is:

176 The system has been tampered with.

My inerpretation: For older servers by HP and IBM, they often forced you to run their configuration utility after you make hardware changes or if a stored checksum mismatches (similar to CMOS checksum error on personal systems).

Here is an IBM page that talkes about this and other POST messages on some models:

Error code:
Symptom or error:
System Security. The system has been tampered with.
Field replaceable unit or action, in sequence:
1. Run IBM BIOS Setup Utility, and then save current setting by pressing F10.
2. System board.

POST error code:
Component(s) to troubleshoot or replace
Covers were removed from the computer.

Error code: 0176 (CPU failure - Slot 1, CPU # 1)

1. Reseat processor module
2. Processor Module
3. Processor Board

You get the idea: Find the POST code documentation for your model.

Now, on the issue of those capacitors. I thought that only happend on cheap systems. The was a problem was traced to a bad engineering change made in capacitors, primarily in Taiwan, in about 2001that results in them failing after perahsp one year of service. Here are some realted links:

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by eraser3498 In reply to

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by eraser3498 In reply to 184 Asset Contr4ol Antenn ...

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