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    1G Fiber in home

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    I just got 1G fiber installed in my home. The modem/router that was left when they installed it had to be put on one end of the house. It had to be put there as that is where the office is which I am hard wired with a network cable with 2 laptops (one for me and one for my wife) and 1 Cisco IP phone. The issue is that now the wifi is not strong on the other end of the home. When they installed the internet they hooked up other coax inputs to the box in my closet. They then put that modem/router in the office. I have a few questions over this.

    1. I have another room at the opposite side of the home with a coax jack and network plug. Can I plug in a 5 port un managed switch to that network port and I will have internet from there to connect other devices? Or would that network input not have any internet connection?
    2. would the coax jack in that other room have an internet connection and I could plug in another modem/router on that side of the home?
    3. would it make more sense just to get a wifi booster and put it in the middle of the home to extend the wifi to the other end of the home?

    Can I have some recommendations on what is the best route good gear that would work best for what I am looking to do?

    My goal is to get a good signal on the other side of the house as it is weak. I want to keep it as simple as I can but ensure I have a good connection and it works.
    Suddenlink is my ISP , 1G fiber, Coax connection to modem/router
    Devices 2 macbooks, 1 apple tv, firestick, ipad, 2 iphones, google home, sonos speaker, echo dot, smart thermostat, ring doorbell

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