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1st and 2nd line support

By wennock ·
I am a IT Support and Product Specialist for Lloyds TSB working alongside a helpdesk that consists of 7 first line support and 3 second line support, who are supporting both internal calls and external calls from client on bespoke software.
The current staff haves been together and working very well now for 12 months, call times and resolve times are low. Which is good but the helpdesk as a whole are now looking for some extra involvement, projects to get into or create
Most working procedures have been documented and training material written. Does anyone have any suggestions on some viable options or ideas as where they could burn a hour or so a day?

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Time on your hands?

by MadMark In reply to 1st and 2nd line support

You mean that you have EXTRA TIME?? Don't tell the boss! Break out the solitaire!!

Seriously, what projects are being undertaken by your IT department? What about development? What does management see as important initiatives with your organization?

Look for ways to reduce cost within your department. For instance, do you have a knowledge base? Have you discovered what the most frequent call is this week? This month? This quarter? Do your customers need education? Would a newsletter do it, or do they need something more? Can you take the load from somewhere else freeing up resources? Some companies have expensive and busy Oracle gurus running reports or print-jobs. Look into it.

Look for ways to improve performance. Look for ways to add value. Review policies, processes and procedures.

Just another rambling 2? response.

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setup a knowledge management system

by daniel.staeger In reply to 1st and 2nd line support

As a synergie of a good help desk, try to get your hands on knowledge management. You 1/2nd level support is the nerve center of corporate intelligence. The natural evolution of a good help desk center is "the expert circle". You may become the center of expertise, by filtering and relay the right questions to experts in your company.

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