1TB harddrive

By Beginner9 ·
Hi all

I have 1TB Internal sata hard disk. I bought it from my back home which was working fine. This internal 1TB harddrive was formatted using XP and used as a slave.

No clues in Device Manager / Disk Management / Add hardware. If it is a problem with OS or compatability it should atleast detect in BIOS.

I assembled a new System and everyting is working fine except this 1TB Internal sata hard drive.

I changed sata cables, power supply and I even tried it on my friends i7 computer but still this 1TB Sata is not detecting. I checked BIOS aswell .

Every other hard drive/cables/ power supply works fine in my friends i7 computer and my computer.

This TB is not detected so can any one suggest me what to do please.

(if you dont know please dont give stupid answers like take it to computer shop/ throw it bla bla bla ......)

Thank you

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I didn't like those answers - so I'll ask again ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 1TB harddrive


Just because you don't like the answers you got, doesn't mean if you ask again you'll get any better ones. :^0

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I have to find the answer

by Beginner9 In reply to I didn't like those answe ...

hey OldER Mycroft

I am CCNP, CCSP and Msc in computers but still I consider I know a little and there are very talented people out there who can help.

I am trying to find some help in this website But I face most Idoits like you who think the sun shines out of their ***.

I posted again because someone somewhere knows the answer

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So you've got 3 bits of paper - so what! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have to find the answer

It doesn't detract from the fact that your CCNP, CCSP and Msc in computers didn't prevent you from creating 6 partitions on a 500GB Seagate, install a triple boot of XP~Vista~W7, then decide to delete 2 partitions and end up losing 4.


Whichever one (or more) of your bits of paper didn't cover installing W7 onto a fresh unpopulated hard drive FIRST, is probably also responsible for your blinkered approach when faced with a hard drive that has passed on.

A dead hard drive is still a dead hard drive, no matter how many pieces of useless paper you happen to have.

Edit for link.

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I give up

by Beginner9 In reply to So you've got 3 bits of p ...

Dear OldER Mycroft

I give up The sun really shines out of your ***.
=)) =)) =)) =)) =))

hey god please keep this idiot away from humans

I personally request the tech republic to get the idiots out of this site.

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WHen you power up, can you hear it spinning?

by Slayer_ In reply to 1TB harddrive

If not, its probably dead.

You can always try a different computer.

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by Beginner9 In reply to WHen you power up, can yo ...


I can hear the disk spinning. the harddrive gets hot after some time and the cables are fine.

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here's a question, is this internal HDD on a Windows 7

by CG IT In reply to 1TB harddrive


BTW change the jumper back to master. While probably doesn't make a difference, SATA controllers are not like IDE controllers where you have 2 drives on the same cable thus need master and slave.

IF the drive doesn't show up in computer management, the BIOS isn't reporting it to the O/S.

If the drive isn't being detected it's possible the drive is bad... it happens.

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Is it an OS-free hard drive?

by jfuller05 In reply to 1TB harddrive

If it has an operating system on the hdd then it will only be detected by that computer which the os was installed on. I ran into a similar problem, back in the day, I was going to use a hdd(with XP installed) on a different computer, but the hdd couldn't be detected! I finally realized that OS installed hdds will only work on the specific computer that installed the os on the drive.
Maybe that is the problem your having? I could be wrong.

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Inspect the Data Connector

by TheChas In reply to 1TB harddrive

If the hard drive spins up, you know it is getting power and may even pass it's internal POST.

The next thing to do is inspect the pins on the Data connector under magnification. Perhaps one of the contacts was damaged when you disconnected the drive from the old system, or from the first data cable you used on the new system.

One other off the wall possibility, is the SATA 1 jumper in place? If your old system only supported SATA 1 transfer speeds and you set the jumper for that, it is remotely possible that the new system with SATA 2 support cannot work with a single drive set to SATA 1 transfer rates.


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by Beginner9 In reply to Inspect the Data Connecto ...


The data cable is fine and the pins on the drive is fine. do not have any jumper so I Place the jumpers in different place and tried but still no use. I tried in different motherboards including i7 Motherboard.

Thank you

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