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1x AGP Video Card

By voyager395 ·
Hi. I have upgraded an old system to XP but only get a black screen. Microsoft tells me I need a new video card but I've been unable to find one that will work. (1x cards are very hard to come by!) My current card is a 16MB nVidia Riva TNT2 Pro (AGP).

My specs are: 1x (3.3v), AGP slot, ATX Motherboard, 200W power supply, LCD monitor, 384MB RAM.

I really thought my current card would work but Gateway, nVidia, ATI, etc., couldn't provide any more current drivers or suggest another card that wouldn't also require the headache of updating the power supply. The Belarc advisor didn't shed any light either.


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by mjd420nova In reply to 1x AGP Video Card

My experience has been that you need at least 32 MB to get WINXP to work properly. I have been using 64 MB and never thought much about it until I tried trouble shooting a machine that had a 64 MB that failed and tried a 16 MB I had left over from an upgrade done earlier in the day. The user just happen to havew his old 32 MB from his upgrade and it worked. Strange as it may seem, I have seen other units with only 16 MB but they had some real cheap thing with its own drivers other than WINXP. You could probably get it to work if you find the drivers. It wouldn't hurt to upgrade the card and the power supply too while you're at it. WINXP on an older unit with the extra video may just be a bit too much.

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by JamesRL In reply to 1x AGP Video Card

You should forget about new cards. You might be better off replacing the motherboard with a newer one - AGP 1.0 (the spec, not the speed) was somewhat flaky in some early motherboards.

I'm not sure why you would need a new card if your old one functioned in another OS. That would point to a driver issue.

If you do need a new card, I'd check eBay and to be safe, stick with AGP 1.0 spec not one of those combi cards that support AGP1 and 2.

The URL below should shed some light on it


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by TheChas In reply to 1x AGP Video Card

The TNT2 card should work with XP.

When I have gotten a black screen with XP it was because the monitor did not support the default refresh rate that XP uses. Even in safe mode.

Find or borrow a newer monitor and see if that works.

As to video cards, you might actually get better performance out of a new PCI card rather than a 1X AGP card.

Why? The PCI cards will have newer video processors and more video RAM than a 1X AGP card.

For 1X AGP cards, try:





And the used shelf at your local computer store or swap meet.


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