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    2-3com 3012 router setup


    by sbybee2 ·

    Hello and thanks for reading.

    Having a bit of trouble here connecting these 2 routers up. From what I understand in how the old 3coms were setup, all of the workstations on site B gets its IP from Site A, over a T1, from the server that hands out the DHCP. Now would this be set up as a HDLC? Both sites are using an ip scope of 192.9.200.x

    Also Site B was never able to get internet, as the old routers never supported VLANS, now since they bought these they would like to have internet at this site. At Site A internet traffic is on VLAN 4000.

    I am not to familiar with 3com equipment and would like some help.
    Thank you for your time


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      by sbybee2 ·

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      Added: config from old router

      by sbybee2 ·

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      Welcome to the 3Com NETBuilder

      ADDRess = 1 -%080002005884 2 -%080002005884
      SW/NBRO-BA,, booted on Wed Dec 31 16:00 from local flash
      SPMON Version 1.0.2
      Copyright 1985-1996, 3Com Corporation
      Current Configuration:

      Current active WAN port is !2
      Port !2 OWNer = PPP

      Path !2 is
      Path !2 BAud = 64
      Path !2 DialCONTrol = (STAtic,Primary,Answer)
      Path !2 remoteDialNo = None
      Path !2 LineType = Leased
      Current path parameters

      Path Name Port Ctrl State T1Mode Baud Conn Clock Line
      1 Path_1 1 Ena Up – 10000 – – –
      2 Path_2 2 Ena Up – 64 V35 Ext Leased
      3 Path_3 3 Ena StBy – 64 RS449 Ext Auto
      4 Path_4 4 Ena StBy – 64 RS232 Ext Auto

      Any suggestions on how to use this config with the newer 3com 3012?

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      well most work similar to each other

      by cg it ·

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      Cisco , 3Comm they all follow IETF, IEEE blah blah.. standards on how things are to work.

      now Internet access isn’t dependent on VLans but, communication between Vlans on different switches are dependent upon trunking. Communications between VLans on the same switch requires a router [router on a stick].

      If Site A hosts network services such as DNS, DHCP then Site A & Site B routers must allow port 53 for DNS and 66/67 for DHCP.

      Internet access, client must have a default gateway [Site B would be site Bs LAN interface].

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