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    2.5 months waiting for a Facebook name change ??


    by hampalm1 ·

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    2.5 months of waiting for a change to the name of me business change. I report it every day and get nothing but an automated response from their robot. I resubmit the request every four days and submit my question to their community and virtually never get a response. The two responses I have received tell me to report the problem, even though my complaint clearly states im already doing that every day. The change is perfectly within their guidelines and I have made this change easily with their competition. I have around 11,000 followers so I provide a reasonable advertising opportunity to them which will be a significant ROI in the service they give me, so I am really annoyed as FB has been the channel I have focused the majority of my time on. The inconsideration to not even respond really annoys me as well. So as I cant get a response from them I am just sharing my experience with as many people on external sites like this as i can. If anyone else has experienced this I would love to hear from you

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