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    2 big problems with my pc…help!!!!


    by ellman121 ·

    On my pc (a Dell dimension 4600 from around 2003) I have two problems:

    problem 1: I had a virus on the computer and I had used AVG to get rid of it. When the virus was gone, I had lost my network connections. So after resetting up the wireless network, I tried to brows again. However ie won’t go anywhere, all it says it “Internet cannot display the webpage” for thoes wondering, I’m writing this on my ipod.

    problem 2: after clearing the virus from above, I decided it would be a good time to get rid of some program I didn’t use anymore. I ended up getting rid of several progeams including some Sony app. It came up with a message saying something about a Microsoft app that I’d never herd of. It asked me if it’d be ok to get rid of both of them. I said yes. Later on I needed to get into one of my cd drives. The problem was none of them were in my computer. In the device manager, it finds the drives but has a yellow triangle with a ! In them. I tried uninstalling, and relocating them, but with no luck. I saught help from wher I’m told to find a registry file. However I cannot find this file.

    Any help for either of my misfortunes is appriceated.

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      by ellman121 ·

      In reply to 2 big problems with my pc…help!!!!


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      Well first things first

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to 2 big problems with my pc…help!!!!

      Edit your original Post and remove your E-Mail address unless you love Spam. This is a Public Site and the Bots will harvest your E-Mail Address and you will be receiving Spam till you delete this address.

      As for your Dell Hell moment. Start off by seeing if there are any restore points left. If there are try restoring to a earlier data from when th infection occurred. Probably will not work but it’s worth a try. 😉

      At this stage it’s probably easier to do a Full Backup of your Data & Settings and then reload the system from the Recovery Partition/Set and start off fresh with a clean system. You will not believe the difference that it makes. 😉


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      by makaranda deshpande ·

      In reply to 2 big problems with my pc…help!!!!

      you should be trying Yamicsoft Win Xp manager

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