2 big problems with my!!!!

By Ellman121 ·
On my pc (a Dell dimension 4600 from around 2003) I have two problems:

problem 1: I had a virus on the computer and I had used AVG to get rid of it. When the virus was gone, I had lost my network connections. So after resetting up the wireless network, I tried to brows again. However ie won't go anywhere, all it says it "Internet cannot display the webpage" for thoes wondering, I'm writing this on my ipod.

problem 2: after clearing the virus from above, I decided it would be a good time to get rid of some program I didn't use anymore. I ended up getting rid of several progeams including some Sony app. It came up with a message saying something about a Microsoft app that I'd never herd of. It asked me if it'd be ok to get rid of both of them. I said yes. Later on I needed to get into one of my cd drives. The problem was none of them were in my computer. In the device manager, it finds the drives but has a yellow triangle with a ! In them. I tried uninstalling, and relocating them, but with no luck. I saught help from wher I'm told to find a registry file. However I cannot find this file.

Any help for either of my misfortunes is appriceated.

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Well first things first

by OH Smeg In reply to 2 big problems with my pc ...

Edit your original Post and remove your E-Mail address unless you love Spam. This is a Public Site and the Bots will harvest your E-Mail Address and you will be receiving Spam till you delete this address.

As for your Dell **** moment. Start off by seeing if there are any restore points left. If there are try restoring to a earlier data from when th infection occurred. Probably will not work but it's worth a try.

At this stage it's probably easier to do a Full Backup of your Data & Settings and then reload the system from the Recovery Partition/Set and start off fresh with a clean system. You will not believe the difference that it makes.


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by dpyogesh In reply to 2 big problems with my pc ...

you should be trying Yamicsoft Win Xp manager

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