2-computer & and 2- monotor system (womdpws xp)

By dmlyons ·
I have two computers attached to a 2/4 Desktop PS/2 KVM Switch w/Audio & Microphone Switching. I also have 2 monitors running on the system. The Primary monitor is connected directly to the KVM Switchboard and the secondary monitor is connected directly to the No.2 computer. Everything has been working fine for tje last few years; however; just recently I find that when shutting down both computers for the night and restarting them up the following morning, The Primary monitors desktop icons do not come up on screen. All I get is a blank screen. In order to activate this monitor I have to disconnect and reconnect the power plug several times before the screen comes back up. In the meantime to overxome this, I now leave the No 1 machine on permanently, But prefer not to. I have checked all cables,etc, and find no fault. Does anyone have any clues to the answer for this problem?
I am running windows XP on both computers.

Computer #1 is:

Intel(R) Core(TM)
i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz
3.09 GHz, 2.** GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension.

Computer #2 is:

AMD Phenom (tm) II X 4 970
3.50 GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension


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new kvm switch?

by dude714 In reply to 2-computer & and 2- monot ...

you said it's been set up like this for years, and that would be my first guess. try a new kvm switch, even if it is a lower end model than your current one.

technology does not last forever, which i found out a few years ago when my trusty WRT54G Linksys router died. You know, the ugly, 2 antenna'd blue and black style. Found out they only have a life of 2 years, even though mine lasted 4. It kept losing DHCP, and the ISP i had diagnosed the router as being bad.

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