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2 DNS entries for same server

By p.durkin ·
i have a 2003 DC file server that also doubles as an intranet server.

Nic 1 is confgured in DNS for the clients to connect to the shares using the server name, but i want to make NIC 2 hold a different DNS name for the intranet.

The problem is, is that DNS keeps recreating a DNS record for the 2nd NIC using the server name, which the clients then pickup and shows the server name in the browser and not the friendly intranet name.

i thought of using a cname record and only 1 NIC, but not so sure if that is the correct way of doing this.

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Use an (A)lias record?

by lsmith1989 In reply to 2 DNS entries for same se ...

You should be able to use an A record, have you tried it yet? Also, are you using MS DNS or BIND?

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A records exist

by p.durkin In reply to Use an (A)lias record?

I am using MS DNS in an Active Directory Integrated mode, with the A record created for "servername" on

The second NIC is on ****.15 and an A record for MyWork (intranet) has been created, but DNS then creates a second A record for ****.15 using "servername" as well.

I have created a Cname pointing to the A record on the second NIC on ****.15, which seems to work.

I guess what i really is to stop DNS creatin the A record for the second NIC, unless of course my fix is the correct method.



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Work around on pointing DNS

by jimart_a In reply to 2 DNS entries for same se ...

Try using hosts.sam

Located at:
If you like to use other computer name like "Server1" and IP address is ""
Just add the ff line: Server1

This will work if you planning to use other computer name. Hope this would help you.

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Don't allow NIC 2 to publish DNS

by osumiller In reply to 2 DNS entries for same se ...

If you set the NIC2 so that it doesn't "Register this connection's address in DNS", then only the (A)lias for NIC1 should be published for the DNS.

I think that this will solve your problem, as long as you don't have to have both NIC's published in the DNS.

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by p.durkin In reply to Don't allow NIC 2 to publ ...




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Yur site alias DNS

by mart1in_02 In reply to Don't allow NIC 2 to publ ...

You should rename the NIC2 that should solve the problem

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