2 Domains, 2 ISP's, 2 subnets, Same office, and need to talk to each other

By turnert1 ·
I have 2 companies with separate domains (Dom1 & Dom2). Each has its own ISP and needs to for "political" reasons. However both domains need to be able to access and utilize resources on the other domain (data, printers, etc...). Is the configuration for the network and servers as follows correct?

All PC's and servers for both domains will be attached to the same switches. With the default gateways configured to point to a specific router. I will have both routers connected to the switches and each router connected to its respective firewall.

Internal OS & IP's are:
Dom1 = W2K 192.168.132.x
Dom2 = WS03 192.168.2.x

I will have DHCP and DNS servers for each domain separate as well.

What else am I missing or doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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VLANs and routing

by Churdoo In reply to 2 Domains, 2 ISP's, 2 sub ...

What kind of switches and routers are in use? Are they SOHO gear, or real grade gear like Cisco. You didn't mention anything about how Dom1 will route to Dom2 as that will be necessary.

For this setup, I would use at least one good Cisco switch at the top of the stack (3xxx series), and would put each domain on a separate VLAN. You can enable routing between the 2 networks in the Cisco. (Budget permitting, I'd have 29xx switches inboard of the 3xxx.)

This will keep the separation between the networks cleaner, but will also route between them. Besides routing between the networks, you'll need a TRUST relationship between the domains assuming that neither of them is a Small Business Server domain.

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by Churdoo In reply to VLANs and routing

I just noticed you said you'll have DHCP service for each network as well. In this case it will be imperative that the networks be separated, either physically via separate switches, or virtually by deploying VLANs.

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