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    2 domains on one exchange 2007 server


    by andystallard ·

    I have just taken over as IT administrator for a company. We ( have Exchange 2007 running on server 2003. We also have a second company ( who are running SBS 2003. We run our networks over the same infrastructure (Cisco 3750 and 3560 switches Juniper SSG320 & SA70 firewall) with separate IP ranges and VLans for, and telecoms. The boss now wants to ditch the SBS 2003 and move all IP’s into the same range and do away with the separate VLans for networking (fine so far). Trouble is, I don’t know enough about Exchange 2007 to say for sure whether or not we can add onto’s Exchange. We cannot drop as although we are effectively one company, has a significantly different role to
    Could anyone give me some firm advice on this? I have to submit a plan by mid next week and have tried Googling the answers but keep coming up with scenarios that don’t fit mine.

    Thanks in advance,

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