2 Games, 1 Connection, 1 Big Issue

By sean_cope2002 ·
I'm currently sharing an internet connection with my roommate via a Linksys router. We recently bought the newly release Call of Duty 4, we each have our own copies. The issue at hand is when one of us tries to join the server the other one is on. The person on the server gets a connection interruption. I am at a loss for what to do at this point so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

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Perhaps IP

by deity_chooch In reply to 2 Games, 1 Connection, 1 ...

Well, I'm not 100% sure on the cause, but I would guess that the servers you are connecting to doesn't allow multiple connections from a single public IP address, either intentionally or not. I don't suppose it throws any errors your way?

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No errors

by sean_cope2002 In reply to Perhaps IP

It simply gives the person on the server first a connection interruption. I tried get each computer its own static ip. Left the DHCP on. I've opened ports..I'm at a loss at this point.

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You misunderstand..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to No errors

With all of you going through the same router, you all have the same public IP address. That's the number the rest of the world can see from their end. Unless you pay for 3 connections, your ISP provides just one and you're all sharing it. So, when more than one computer connects to the game server, it sees two different computers sharing the same IP address to reach their server. They automatically disconnect the first one because it might be a ghost left behind from a disconnect.

To check this, go to each computer, start the browser and point it to ... when the page opens, it will display your public IP address. Note, all computers will have the same IP.

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Hope this helps...

by kler83 In reply to You misunderstand........ ...

Your ISP will only allow one pc per one registration. Either you register the other pc to them, then that will make the other pc get online.
Or have a router, then you will be able to make (wirelessrouter) 200+ more pcs, of which 32 are wireless, connect to the internet, depending on interferences and distances.
First of all, if your having cable connection, you simply have to clone the pc's mac(the pc that usually gets online).
If it's dsl, then it depends if your modem is set to bridge. If it's set to bridge, you dont have to set the router to pppoe.
If it's not set to bridge, set it to pppoe. How about call Linksys for that or to the router's manufacturer..


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well.... that's somewhat true...

by CG IT In reply to Hope this helps...

LAN parties don't have an internet connection and they are unaffected by multiple PCs joining a server on the same LAN. But that is if they use the LAN connection client in multiplayer mode.

What everyone is saying is right. The reason is that's the nature of TCP/IP addressing and networking. you can't have duplicate addresses on the network. That's where NAT comes in on a router. NAT allows multiple PCs to share a single internet connection. Traffic from those multiple PCS are seen as traffic from only 1 address.

The only way to allow multiple computers on the LAN to connect to the server is to use the LAN party connection client.

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And, even then.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to well.... that's somewhat ...

The game server itself MAY have security in place to not allow multiple connections from within the same IP cluster (neighborhood).

This helps prevent people from cheating in the game itself. After all, a "team" would have an advantage over others if they can physically talk to one another in the same house. Many game servers frown heavily on this practice. So, if people want to game head-to-head, they'll have to do it within their own little LAN without the world-wide game server involved. Sometimes, even paying for a 2nd connection within the same house just isn't enough to "get online with the game".

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How about this...

by kler83 In reply to No errors

Can you describe exactly how you were able to say the server has interruption? Do you also experience that without the linksys router? How about you unplug the power adapter of your router from your switch, please do not press any buttons on the router to avoid messing up the configurations of the router. Just unplug the power adapter.

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