2 gateways on 1 pc

By manish ·
I'v 2 Service providers who have given me MPLS link to me for my 7 office locations (1st for 2links & 2nd for 5 links).
1 isp - &
2 isp - to
these r the router gateways. i'm holding a seat where 0.253 and 1.253 routers residing. i want to acess all routers simultaniously. is it possible in XP? if anyone got d solution pl help.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to 2 gateways on 1 pc

We really need more information about what you are trying to do and how they are interconnected before we can answer whether or not you can "access all routers simultaneously."

Are you looking for redundancy?

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not redundancy but parrelal

by manish In reply to Maybe

wel dear, i'm looking for using both n/w symultanicously as links r provided by 2 different ISP. i should b able to access both n/w at a time (and not failover)

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No, need to do it with the routers

by jdclyde In reply to 2 gateways on 1 pc

Are they Ciscos?

I assume you are looking for redundancy, so you need to set this up as a fail over.

The two will work together to make a virtual gateway, and the routers will switch from one to the other in the case of one going down.

If you are looking for combined bandwidth instead, that can be done two.

Do you have SMARTNET for your routers? (assuming they are Ciscos) This is going to be a complex config either way, with lots of trouble shooting. The Cisco support will be able to help you get this going.

Good luck.

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