2 hard drives 1 computer 2 windows

By drhemm3 ·
yes my question is this I want to put 2 windows on 2 hard drives and be able to boot both in a way that both can be use at diffirent time not to-gether, maybe 1 hrad drive in the computer and 1 hard external, can any one tell me in English if and how this can be done, Thank you for your help David Hemming

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Drive Drawers

by TechExec2 In reply to 2 hard drives 1 computer ...

I use "drive drawers" for this purpose (1). One great advantage of this approach is it avoids software problems that often occur with multi-boot techniques.

(1) Drive drawer

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Or you can allow the system to Dual Boot

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 2 hard drives 1 computer ...

All you need do is install a copy of Windows onto each drive and you'll get the Dual Boot Option at Startup asking you which copy of Windows you wish to boot into.

If you are using 2 different HDD's here just remember to install all the necessary software onto different drives for each installation or you will most likely end up with the different versions of Windows running properly but none of the software working correctly. When you start to install the software onto the second HDD you'll need to remember to rename the default install positions for the second HDD so that the software doesn't end up in the C:Program Files/whatever Folder and break the existing software load.

As you have not specified what versions of Windows you wish to use you must be aware that 98 Must be on the C Drive/Partition and Y2K or XP can be on other partitions but 98 Has to reside on the C Partition/Drive.

If you are using versions of Windows older than Y2K they your only option is to fit removable Caddies and switch the HDD's over when required. If you go this way get 2 caddies with the Slide Lock and not the Key Lock as the keys will get in the road of quick changes.


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