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2 Internet Connections 1 Network

By techrepublic ·
How do I set up a network with 2 ISPs with static ips to one network.

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How are you going to be using the two Internet Connections?

by Jim_P In reply to 2 Internet Connections 1 ...

Are you planning on splitting the network to some of the LAN to use one ISP and the other LAN to use the other ISP? Or do you want to use both connections concurrently?
Or do you want to have incoming on one ISP and outgoing on the other ISP?


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2 internet connections 1 lan

by techrepublic In reply to How are you going to be u ...

I wan to have both connections active at the same time.

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Dual router

by curlergirl In reply to 2 internet connections 1 ...

I don't know of any way to do this without using a special type of router. Perhaps someone else has some other ideas. However, there are several routers out now that can handle this - Xincom and Cisco, for two examples, make dual port routers.

Hope this helps!

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Similar Problem

by johan In reply to Dual router

I have a similar problem.

I'm trying to run two ISP through two separate routers, via one server. One router is connected to server and our workgroup, under own subnet and ip family. The other is connected to server only to handle external communicaton and services (FTP/WEB-SHOP etc) via Internet and Server.

Is this possible, and if how?

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Yip same problem

by maurits In reply to Similar Problem

I have 2 internet connections (only using 1 at the time. But the problem is that 1 half of my user are running Pastel remotely but as soon as more than 2 users are using Pastel at the same time the internet lags for the other users. So i came up with an idea to use the 2nd internet connetion for the users hoe do not use Pastel (For internet bank and such). But i dont know how i should set it up . Could i use a normal windows PC and setup the 2nd connection on there and route the non Pastel user to use it insted of the 2nd connection (For pastel users) ?

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Can I Make 2 router, two ISP in 2 network with 1 server?

by trebuntou In reply to Dual router

will i have a plan to connect 2 ISP in 2 router in 1 server in able to manage 2 LAN...

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connect two ISP to one network W/Lan

by zexman In reply to How are you going to be u ...

I want to use both connections concurrently i have 1 connected to a router and i have servers connected and my clients are accessing server using the same Ip Address now i want to bring in another one through the same ip address so that they is no break down of connects to my clients when 1 goes down please help

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can i connect two router, each router has an ISP in one LAN

by brochris2011 In reply to 2 Internet Connections 1 ...

can i connect two router, each router has an ISP in one LAN?

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