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2 Internet Connections 1 Network

By douri ·
I need to set up my office so that we have 2 ISPs, but one network. I need the server to access the internet through our T1 line and I need the rest of the computers in the office to access the internet through a dsl connection while at the same time stay on the same network. what is the best way to set this up. Currently, we have a T1 line that is supposed to be reserved for the server only. It is connected to a Sonicwall PRO 2040.

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Could you...

by mamies In reply to 2 Internet Connections 1 ...

On the machines, setup the default gateway to go to the particular router you want.

EG if you say the router to your T1 line is, you would set the default gateway to that IP Address. Then I would set the router for the DSL Connection to and have the DHCP Server point all the workstations to this address.

Then just to add a little more effort to stop them from changing all this on the workstation I would add rules in the Router that for the T1 router only to allow connections from the server out.

I would then also do the same for the other router although blocking the other connections.

I hope I have the correct answer for you, but I do not see the need to have the two internet connections.


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By the way

by mamies In reply to 2 Internet Connections 1 ...

You would recieve more answers if you placed this into the Questions part of the forum not the discussion part.


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