2 isp connected in 1 network

By jzenith04 ·
i have 2 isp pldtsmydsl and smartbro. i connected my pldtmydsl on 1 router connected to 1 -8 port hub,and i have also smartbro connected to other router with 1- 8 port hub. all i want to do is to connect that 2 routers with thier hubs in just 1 network, meaning router 1 and 2 are all connected to 1 network.
pls. help how to do this... ty

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by animatech In reply to 2 isp connected in 1 net ...

I am a bit confused with this set up but for the sake of things I will assume a few things.
As far as I understand (And you can correct me if you need) you got the following set up:

pldtmydsl on router 1 (Now I am assuming that the router is a DHCP as well)
Lets also assume that this network has the following set up
IP -
DNS - &
We will call the above set-up LAN 1

smartbro on router 2
and again assuming
IP -
DNS - &
We will call the above set-up LAN 2

To each of those set ups you got PC's attached receiving their IP address\Gateway, and DNS lookups from the routers.

The fastest solution I can think off is to implement a bridge between the 2 network segments that way a PC on 1 segment of the network can communicate with any other computer on the 2nd segment.

Hope that helps

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by jzenith04 In reply to MMM

sir, considering that setup, is the 2 router be connected in 1 hub/switch? do they meet or share internet connection? how i can connect warcraft dota in lan,also with counterstrike they did not connect with each other, pls help. thanks

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by animatech In reply to network

No they do not share internet connection you have to think about it as 2 separate LAN's that can talk to each other via the bridge\switch.
If you want to set up games for a LAN party why don't you set up a game server on 1 of the networks.
All users (From both LAN 1 and LAN 2) will be able to connect to the game server as both LAN's will be communicating via the bridge\switch.

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2 separate routers and 2 isp in one network

by chercomengr1 In reply to Bridge\Switch

yes, i believe it can. just turn off the DCHP of 2 routers and assign an internal static ip address of each pc client by putting Gateway and DNS address. Remember this 2 router has no load balancing. you need to find software for this for load balancing server to install to your server pc.

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go buy a dual WAN router and be done with it

by CG IT In reply to network

why do we see this question ALL the time

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Why not Cisco router?

by sridhar_reddapani In reply to go buy a dual WAN router ...

yes, its easy if you can replace both routers with one cisco router. You can do load balancing as well. If you feel its not a good idea, the other solution is connect both existing routers with new router say R3(R1 to WAN and R2 to DMZ) then connect your client computers to R3's Lan network, but need to do many tweaks in routing them properly.


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Cisco? you mean spend wads of $$ when you don't have to

by CG IT In reply to Why not Cisco router?

D-Link makes a decent consumer leveldual WAN router . For about $100.00 USD.

Cisco offerings are $750.00 and $1,500.00 USD respectively.

Not to mention that IOS isn't the easiest O/S to learn and that the templates and Ciscoworks program sometimes doesn't make the router do what you want it to

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May or May not

by sridhar_reddapani In reply to Cisco? you mean spend wa ...

Yes thats correct, Its depends upon your skills on cisco. If you know how to do things in cisco router you can play around with it than any other router provides. Thats why still cisco stands as number 1 for networking equipments....

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2 router 2 isp in a network

by chercomengr1 In reply to 2 isp connected in 1 net ...

yes, it can. just turn off the dhcp of 1 router to make the other router assigning auto dhcp. and assign internal static ip of each pc client and their gateway and DNS.

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