2 ISP in 1 Network

By whinski2000 ·
How to connect 2 isp in one network ? i got 2 isp connected in 2 different routers,6 work station.

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There should be

by Jesus_C In reply to 2 ISP in 1 Network

4 ports on the back of each router , so just run 3 lan cables into each router.Or if your router is wireless capable you could install wireless cards and choose which pc connects to which network.The choice is yours

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Dual WAN

by CG IT In reply to There should be

you wold get a dual WAN perimeter router. Then you can do a couple of things. Load share or segregate.

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Thanks for the reply but......

by whinski2000 In reply to There should be

just wanted to elaborate what l've posted.
I got 2 internet service provider connected to 2 different routers. The first one, let say grp A connected to a modem/router with a single lan port connected to a hub with 16 port where the 3 pc's were connected. Grp A have a file and printer sharing. My second ISP was connected to a router with 4 lan port running 3 pc's, file shared but there's no printer to shared with. My plan was to share the files and printer of group A to group B. How ? and how do it? Do i have to use other hardware to make it possible? Thanks again.......

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