2 ISPs 1 Router 1 Pix Firewall

By deepakd_fic ·
Hi Everyone,
I have a network and setup is 2 ISPs, 1 Router, 1 Pix Firewall.

Network Diagram is as below:-


Config Details as belows:-
Cisco Router
ip address X.225.109.90
ip address X.241.184.129
ip address
Pix Firewall
ip address outside
ip address inside
global (outside) 1 interface
nat (inside) 1 0 0
apply (inside) 1 outgoing_src
route outside 1
Switch to ISP1
ip nat inside source static X.225.109.**
ip route Ethernet0
ip route X.225.109.89
Switch to ISP2
ip nat inside source static X.241.184.130
ip route Ethernet1
ip route X.241.232.70
I am using the "Switch to ISP1" and "Switch to ISP2" options to switch from one ISP to another ISP manually.

I want the routing configuration where this switching will happen automatic in case of the link goes down and i want to know, can i configure VPN on the Firewall with both the isp's an it will work with the switching of ISP's as well?

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Floating static on 1721

by SYNner In reply to 2 ISPs 1 Router 1 Pix Fir ...

Just create a floating static route on your 1721.

ip route X.225.109.90
ip route X.241.184.129 10

The first route without an administrative distance will populate the routing table. When that link goes down, the router will remove that route and replace it with the other route.

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