2 Lan Cables 1 Laptop

By keaneesf ·
Hi, so recently I've been using a VPN on my PC, and I connected a Lan cable to my laptop to transmit the signal that the VPN provides to my ps4, but i was wondering if its possible to connect two Lan Cables to a single PC, my objective here is to connect a Lan Cable from my internet provider (router) and then connect another one to my PS4 so I can play in my ps4 using a VPN; can I connect two Lan Cables simultaneously to my laptop?
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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to 2 Lan Cables 1 Laptop

But I'm not going to launch into how as that would be a course in Networking which won't fit here.

Given the story I'd rather setup a router that connects to said VPN and then it's basic network skills rather than hosting what is essentially a router on a laptop with all the headaches and skills required to do so.

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