2 LAN subnet : enable communicating together

By celia ·
We have 2 DSL line with 2 different providers. the first DSL line is used for internet access for all the PCs, and its LAN for printer and file servers. The second line is used for VOIP and eventually backup of the other line if it fails.

Right now each DSL line has a its own router and separate LAN subnet (Subnet 1 : 192.168.0.X; subnet 2 : 192.168.1.X).

The problem that we have now, is that when the main DSL line fails we manually swich the office LAN to subnet 2, so we have to change the configuration on the PC .. and we can't access servers and printers that are still configured on the subnet 1.

Would it be possible to connect together the 2 networks and access IPs from all subnets?
Or do we need to buy some equipment ?

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look for this

by nil.kul In reply to 2 LAN subnet : enable com ...

In CISCO's routers, one concept is there called as 'subinterface'. In this, we can divide one interface of the router in 4.2 billion subinterfaces & can assign them different IP add.
Look for the subinterface configuration in your DSL router.
we can assign 2 different IP add to one physical interface divided into 2 subinterfaces.
So ur one interface will be in 192.168.1.X & another will be in 192.168.0.X
gud luck.

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2 IP adds and 2 gateway adds per machine?

by TekyWanabe In reply to 2 LAN subnet : enable com ...

The network card on all your machines can be configurable with more than two IP addresses and more than two default gateways in the Advanced options of TCP/IP properties.

Maybe it'd help having each machine configured with a 192.168.0.x address and a 192.168.1.x address.

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