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2 LAN to be connectec in VPN

By ruby.otero ·
I have VPN in mind to connect our 2 LAN , they have the ff:

SBS Win2k3 server (runs ERP system using SQL Server) this server is behind a router linksys router (non VPN act as a gateway with static IP)

Client running in Win2k and XP, one Pc here had 2 LAN cards, 1 nic connected to dsl modem (with static IP) to act as ICS, and 2nd NIC connected to hub.

Since both LAN has static IP, how do i implement VPN? LAN 2 users have to run ERP apps and have to connect to LAN1 server for SQL connectivity.

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by ManISKid In reply to 2 LAN to be connectec in ...

Connect a remote office client to the corporate network using a PPTP-based VPN connection.

There is probably a better solution than this, but if you only want sporadic use of the ERP system, then you can cut bandwidth down by stopping and starting the VPN at will.

I suspect that the tunneling with negate the need for passing sql through the internet but you will need to enable vpn traffic

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by CG IT In reply to 2 LAN to be connectec in ...

I'd go with the BEFSX41 VPN Endpoint Linksys routers on both LAN1 and LAN2. the routers are the endpoints so the routers create and maintain the tunnel. clients then access the tunnel the routers create.

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by CG IT In reply to

Note: With the routers acting as VPN endpoints between themselves, its almost like having a dedicated line.

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by hitchcock4 In reply to 2 LAN to be connectec in ...

I have used WatchGuard products (such as SOHO 6tc) to create a site-to-site tunnel (one at each end).

In today's world, I would be sure to use 3DES encryption as opposed to DES encryption.

Whichever VPN product you use, if you get the same model for both ends of the tunnel I think setting up should not be too bad. Just be sure that you use the same settings for creating the tunnel.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to 2 LAN to be connectec in ...

The best solution for this would be a VPN router such as the NETGEAR FVS318 at each location. As long as the nework IP addressing is different as each location ie and Then these units are a breeze to install and configure. NOTE that it is best if one of the sites have a static internet IP address. If you don't have internal DNS server you may have to use lmhost / host files to put the IP addresses for the remote systems to find the other LANS systems by netbios name ie SERVER1 vs

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