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2 modems in single PC?

By imranmcse ·
I am using Windows XP, I just want to know if i will install 2 modems in my PC and connect both with the 2 tel. lines. And i have no any multilink ISP account.
If i connect one modem with one ISP and 2nd modem with another ISP,
Then What modem will be used for using internet.
Either both will work in NLB fashion or nothing will work.
And also tell me may it will provide me Backup connection. If one modem fails then 2nd is already working.
Pls help.

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by willcomp In reply to 2 modems in single PC?

Haven't tried two PCI modems at once, bt have done so with older ISA switch/jumper selectable modems. Don't know any reason why it won't work. I would install and configure one then install the other.

IE (or Firefox) will use the default connection (Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections for IE).

From within Network Connections you can drag and drop shortcuts to both connections on your desktop. Then run one, establish connection, and then run browser.


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by JamesRL In reply to 2 modems in single PC?


Do a google search on Shotgun - its a technology that allows you to use to modems on two lines exactly how you describe. I know that I used to own a Diamond modem that would do that. The trouble is that you have to have an ISP that will support it.

For more info try:


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