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    2 monitors/1 laptop – how to connect – Working from home

    by monitorman ·


    Hi Everyone,

    Apologies if this has been asked but I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.

    This is with regards to working from home setup.

    I have a laptop and another monitor right now and they have different displays, connected via HDMI.

    I bought another monitor and want to use this also but I can’t connect it to my laptop.

    My laptop only has 1 hdmi and the VGA is right beside the hdmi so that they both can’t be plugged in at the same time.

    I bought a VGA to USB connector for the second monitor but this doesn’t seem to work it says no signal, I tried it with my other monitor and same thing. FYI usb end connected to laptop, vga to monitors as they don’t have usb inputs.

    Is there any way connect this monitor ? And device or adapter or could the adapter I bought work?


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      Start with

      by bob.b ·

      In reply to 2 monitors/1 laptop – how to connect – Working from home

      Does the usb port on the laptop function?

      Does this second monitor have a hdmi input?
      If so try a usb>hdmi adapter.

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        Usb to hdmi

        by monitorman ·

        In reply to Start with

        If usb to vga doesn’t work wouldn’t usb to hdmi not work too? Is it possible to display screen via a usb? Thanks

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          To answer your question

          by bob.b ·

          In reply to Usb to hdmi

          Yes usb can drive a monitor.

          Now answer my 2 questions.

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