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    2 network connections showing in xp pro


    by scjones1 ·

    I have 1 nic card and 1 dlink di624 router installed on my network. I think after i installed this router i gained another network connection. Its called internet connection and its a 10 meg connection. The other connection is my LAN connection running at 100 meg. If i disable the internet connection I loose my internet access. I reinstalled my nic card and the single LAN connection was the only one listed. After a couple of reboots the internet connection reappeared. There are no regular properties to this connection, in adavanced it just shows virtual services available to internet users like virtual ftp , ipsec ,virtual dns. Its noty causing me any problems , I would just like to know what its is and how to get rid of it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also ,it is a wireless router wireless is enabled for my IPAQ

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      by lwt ·

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      Are you running UPNP? Your router will show up like that if you are. You may be able to disable that service from your router’s configuration pages. Then you will need to uninstall UPNP from Optional Windows Components (Add/Remove Programs) on your computer, as well as the SSPD Router Announcement service (do you have XP? I don’t know if this is in 9x). Shut down your computer, reboot your router, then start your computer up again. You really don’t need those services unless you are running Windows Messenger and transfer files or use H323 or Netmeeting and need Dynamic NAT.

      Support information for the DLink DI-624 Revision A and B:
      Information for the DLink DI-624 Revision C:

      This may not be the thing, but it should get you started.

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      by bokesmole ·

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      All that this extra connection is from is when Windows XP notices that you have a gateway and sets up what is basically considered a broadband connection that’s always on. This should not have any affect on your Internet Services unless like you stated above delete the connection.

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