2 networks different subnet masks

By 00llivesey ·
Hi all, i have inherited a network well 2 networks at the school where i work, it has 2 networks a cirriculum network and an admin network, the cirriculum network has a subnet mask of and the admin network has they both use the ip addressing of, is there any way i can have access to both networks at the same time without changing the subnet mask.

Thanks in advance

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by CG IT In reply to 2 networks different subn ...

the subnet mask distinguishes between host address and network address so there's no way to have access to both at the same time. That's why the network admin set it up that way.

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by 00llivesey In reply to no

It is possible, for anyone else wanting to do this, i setup an ubuntu server with 2 nics and a terminal server with 2 nics and created a new network in between using the ipaddressing and forwarded all traffic through the ubuntu server to the network and setup iptables to forward any request to a rdp connection port 3389 to the terminal server, but thanks anyway CG anything is possible!!!!

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by CG IT In reply to solved

so what's the purpose of the exercise?

if you work at the school as the network admin, then you have access to both networks. setting up a server that basically is a Terminal Access server is a lot of work when you have access to both anyways. On top of that, you've created a security hole between what appears to be an unprotected network [the curriculm network] and a protected network [admin network].

So again, what's the point of the exercise?

I said no simply because unless you have a device like a Terminal Access server, no you can't access two different subnets from one device at the same time.

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by 00llivesey In reply to :)

CG now you ask what the purpose is??? Why bother posting replies in the forum if youre only answer is and i quote "NO", you didnt ask what i was trying to achieve, you didnt offer an alternative,you just answered with "NO". i know you cannot access to subnets at the same time, thats why i was asking for a work around, not a lecture on subnets and subnetting, if i was less experienced i could have gone away thinking it isnt possible,and given up thanks to CG the I.T GURU who told me so.

As for setting up a terminal server, it took me an hour, thats hardly "A LOT OF WORK".

The purpose is to give staff access to both the cirriculum and the admin network via a terminal server which is part of a Domain with group policies setup for security.

As for creating a security hole, that is something that cannot be helped but if it will help you sleep better i have secured the ubuntui server as best as i can.

Thanks for all your help CG im sure your help in these forums has helped people no end, keep up the good work ;-)

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