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    2 nic 2wan 2 apps 1 pc


    by mkcook ·

    I have found many posts about 2 nic, 1 Lan, 1 wan, 1 pc, but the end-use never seems clear and how to set up is also never clear it seems. I truly believe I have a unique question here…

    SET-UP: 3 pc’s each with vista ultimate. Each has two nics, one 10/100 the other 10/100/1000. We’ll call them Mnic and Gnic, respectively. There are 2 WANs: dsl and cable. Mnic connects to linksys WRT54G router with dsl, Gnic connects to linksys WRT310N router with cable WAN.

    PC1 is used as a web server, a file server, and for large bandwidth usage.

    PC2 is used for streaming media from PC1 and low-bandwidth apps such as gaming and VoIP.

    PC3 is used for streaming media from PC1 and low-bandwidth apps such as gaming and VoIP.

    Is it possible to make applications, such as Windows Media Player, or World of Warcraft, use a specific nic? WMP would use Gnic, as Gnic is connected to the network with the media server. WOW and Skype would use Mnic, as Mnic is on the network that does not have bandwidth hogging apps on it.

    Important to note is that PC1 running certain apps and a web server will hog all available bandwidth on Gnic’s WAN connection, despite several efforts to implement QoS solutions including DD-WRT, application layer, and bandwidth throttling built-in to the applications causing the hogging.

    Would like to avoid having to buy a Dual-WAN router for two reasons: 1: cost, and 2:research tells me that the bandwidth hog would simply eat up both WAN connections anyway. Main reason is cost.

    Seems like an interesting question to me, I hope I have a fun one for somebody here 🙂

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      by mkcook ·

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      Hmmm, the best option may be

      by ic-it ·

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      To use one WAN on PC1/NIC1.
      PC1/NIC2 for a LAN.
      WAN2 to each of the other systems and their other NICs as part of a LAN.
      You will likely want to bridge the NICs.

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      a little confusing….

      by —tk— ·

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      But I use to have the same set up (almost)… So, Ill tell you my old set(home), and let you pull the information you need from it.

      ISP<--(Public IP)Router 1 was a internal network (gigabit netowrk). PC1 - File server, TeamSpeak server(VOIP)server, FTP server, HTTP server. Its ip was, and "port forwarded" on the router to the corresponding IP/port. (ISP) <--(Public IP) Router 2 was a internal network. PC2 - My gaming rig, and general purposes PC. NIC1 - (Gigabit) Its ip was pluged into Router 1 NIC2 - (doesnt matter) its IP was plugged into Router 2 The TS client I told it to connect to The Game app. with in the options of the game it should list what NIC you want to use. which I pointed to the With every service you are running, almost 99% of the time, you can tell it what interface and what port to "listen" on or to use. Now I have not messed with setting in WOW, or Skype. But WOW, there should be network setting that you can adjust. Skype, there probably is but I am not sure. Hopefully this helped out...

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