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    2 nic cards 1 wireless one wired


    by hchris82 ·

    having a problem i have to cards in 1 computer 1 wireless 1 wired the wireless card hooks up to a local ap the other card is connected to a switch/hub. i want to connect the wireless card to the switch to give the other computer internet please help thank you. dont want to use a bridge!

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      Reply To: 2 nic cards 1 wireless one wired

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to 2 nic cards 1 wireless one wired


      More details is always better than less. Lets see if I get this:

      You have a PC with both a wireless nic and a wired nic. The pc is wired to a switch that I am guessing provides internet access thru a cable/dsl router or something? Where is the internet connection at in this?

      The wireless connects to an AP that goes where and connects to what? Where is the 2nd PC and what does it connect to? What is the OS of both and have you tried ICS? Why not a bridge?

      Lets start there and see what we can do…


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      I dont understand

      by garenbarnett ·

      In reply to 2 nic cards 1 wireless one wired

      Why dont you want to use a bridge, there easy to use and easy to disable, just goto your connections and select both your wireless and your wired and right click and bridge trust me its easy and it works perfect

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