2 Nic's - 1 PC - Internet & VLAN's

By mkonovelchick ·
I have a DELL Precision 960 with an integrated Broadcom nic and an added Intel Pro 1000 GT nic.

Broadcom - Want to use for internet connection from a hub. TCP/IP properties are set for auto IP and DNS assign.

Intel nic - has 4 virtual nics for 4 different VLAN's each with their own IP, subnet and gateways. These VLAN's come through a single port on a Cisco switch. Each VLAN has it's IP, subnet and gateway defined in the TCP/IP properties.

VLAN 90 -,,
VLAN ** -,,
VLAN 92 -,,
VLAN 93 -,,

If the Intel nic is disabled in the network connections window the internet works fine. With the Intel enabled, no internet.

The internet connection typically comes up with an IP of 10.0.013.

The VLAN side is a closed network with no internet access. I want to have the internet access through the broadcom for remote access (VPN) and updates when needed.

Any ideas to make these two play nice?



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Have you tried bridging the two?

Try this (could work for you):

Give nic 1 a fixed IP of 192.168.01. with a gateway of Now give the other nic a fixed ip of with a gateway of

Now bridge them. And try to ping something.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Tried bridging - no go

by mkonovelchick In reply to Have you tried bridging t ...

Tried bridging before and it did not work.

The Intel (nic 2) can not have a set IP once you define VLAN's on it. Each VLAN has to have it's own defined IP, subnet & gateway but the nic itself no longer can be config'd with it's own IP.

The Broadcom (nic 1) is connected to a different hub that does not have IP's in the range. It always assigns IP's in the 10.0 range.

Maybe this can not be done.

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Maybe it can not be done but at least you gave it a go. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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