2 NICs one for internal network other for internet how to set up security?

By shukster ·
Hello, to all. I have a bit of a problem with having two nic's on one computer. I am trying to set up internet on a single computer in a closed network. But, when i do this people can access the network from the computer. How do i setup security so that the internet has no access to my internal network and vis versa?

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OS? Windows - disable ICS

by oldbaritone In reply to 2 NICs one for internal n ...

The question is a little unclear, and you don't mention the OS.

If it's a windows machine, and you mean that when you connect it the others on the network can now access the internet, you probably have Internet Connection Sharing enabled. Simply disable it, and the others won't be able to use the internet anymore through the 2-NIC machine. And likewise, incoming internet won't be able to see the internal network. If firewall is not enabled, you should also have Windows Firewall blocking all incoming connections on the internet NIC, unless there's some application that requires it.

MS Kbase:

If you mean that you want the 2-NIC machine to access the internet, but someone sitting at that machine should not be able to browse the internet, that can be done but it's a lot trickier.

Was that what you needed?

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windows xp is the operating system

by shukster In reply to 2 NICs one for internal n ...

sry, for the unclear question. it is the second thing you said someone sitting at the computer and not be able to use the internet.

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