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2 offices, network from ground up

By c.gaito ·
Okay I am the son of a doctor employed at his office to basically set them up with a new electronic medical record network. Currently they have a company that does their billing and appointment schedule for them. Now there are two offices, towns apart, both connected to the internet through DSL. We have a DELL Powervault for NAS. What they want are two completely wireless offices (for tablets in the rooms) with a centeralized server at both offices running instances of the EMR program (windows based). Everyone will have their own terminal to log into the central server but how do i go about creating a Domain. Now I'm new to servers and this website and I need help as to where to find guides to setup a network like this. Also is VPN a viable resoure for connecting the two servers together or no? The servers have the same data. Also would it be wise to use our NAS system as backup or as true storage. (please if you recommend hardware try to keep it Dell, the office has good relations with Dell and would like to keep it all Dell basically).

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by BFilmFan In reply to 2 offices, network from g ...

One of the first things you need to do is make sure your environment meets HIPAA requirements, if you are in the US.

There have been several articles about HIPAA here on TechRepublic.

As to how you build a domain, the design for the network infrastructure will vary depending upon the client's requirements.

Frankly with your comment that you are new to the network world and this website, I would not advise you to attempt this task alone. I would advise you to hire a seasoned professional. If you don't know any and are obviously comfortable with Dell, ask them to quote a price for doing the work for you.

Best of luck with your project.

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by c.gaito In reply to 2 offices, network from g ...

Where would be the best place to learn about office networks and such, something that starts off building easy and gets more technical would be appreciated. Just try to steer me in the right direction.

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by MooneyS In reply to 2 offices, network from g ...

Here is a microsoft site that can provide you with the information you seek.

Also if you do a search on the net for Building a simple network - you will find wealth of information about it.

Your next step would be to research your favorite vendor for the hardware/software that would best meet your needs. Someone has already stated that you need to ensure that your solution will be in compliance with regulatory and mandatory regulations.

Don't be afraid to ask the vendor to evaluate their solution at your location before spending the money.

If I were you, during evaluation, have a security professional that specializes in healthcare to also evaluate it.

I know being the son of a doctor - the learning curve is going to be steep but I am sure you will do well!

I hope this helps!

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by wlbowers In reply to 2 offices, network from g ...

You have the chance to set up a great system. A server at each location with the capability of operating separately if the link goes down.

Use Windows 2003 Active Directory. As a doctors office having to comply to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The security is already built in.

A 3Com wireless distribution system will cover the tablets.

You will want a constant link between offices whether it is DSL, Frame or T1.

Good Luck in your venture.


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by scottsman In reply to 2 offices, network from g ...

I agree with the first post. Due to the HIPAA regulations and the incredible amount of liability that can go along with it I STRONGLY suggest that you hire a professional to help you with this. Wireless is fundamentally unsecure and you should hire an expert to secure it.

Good Luck

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