2 OS choice come up ?!?

By thedevious27 ·
Hi Guys

After hours of playing around with my PC. I have got it 2 work with Windows 2000.

However, when the PC boots up after BIOS stuff

it says
"Please select the OS to start"

1) Windows 2000
2) Windows XP Professional OS.

From my understanding there is no XP setup on my HDD and even when I choose the 2nd option it still boots up in the Win2000.

How do I get rid of that screen prompting on the startup of windows?? and how can I ensure that there is no XP on the hard drive and only Win 2000


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by thedevious27 In reply to 2 OS choice come up ?!?

any suggestions??

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There's a file

by XT John In reply to ??

contained on 2000 and XP called the boot.ini file. It's a text file that you can open in Notepad and edit. You'll want to make a backup copy of it, call it boot.old, and remove any reference to XP from the file you are going to be using. It's usually a hidden file, so you'd need to 'unhide' hidden files in order to find it (in the c root folder)

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by thedevious27 In reply to There's a file

i found the boot.ini under start>run>msconfig

it had this.

default =multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)/WINNT
operating system
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk()partition(1)/"Microsoft Windows XP Professional"/fast detect

so it still shows some reference to XP but the Windows 2000 is loading up fine.

Does that seem alrite to u?

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