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2 OS' ???

By miketownson84 ·
I have a 1 year old HP that got a virus. I tried to wipe out the hard drive and install xp on it again and now it says i have 2 OS' installed (gives me a prompt to choose at start up) and it now wont recognize my soundcard. What do i do?

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by LiamE In reply to 2 OS' ???

It sounds like you installed windows in a different directory so you do indeed have 2 OS's installed.

You have 2 options - reinstall again and this time wipe em both out or get what you've got working.

If you go for a full wipe you will want to delete and recreate the partitions. I presume you are running XP on a year old PC so I wont go into the use of fdisk. Firstly boot from your xp disk. When it gets to the stage of asking what partition you want to install on choose the option to delete the partition. Then create a partition in the unsued space and I'd suggest format it using NTFS. Once thats done run through setup as you did before.

If you want to try and get what you've got working you'll need to find the drivers for the soundcard and install them. They will be on a disk somewhere - perhaps even on the xp disk if its one HP produced. Its likely that the sound 'card' is infact part of the motherboard in any case, so be sure to check any disk that says it has chipset drivers or anything similar. If you can't find them anywhere go to hp's website and look there - they are pretty good for driver support. Have your comp's model number available when you look. That should sort out the sound problem - now for the 2 versions of windows. Firstly you need to identify which copy of window you want to keep and which to ditch. I presume the original was in the c:\windoows directory and the one you want is in c:\windows001 or somesuch. Boot to the one you want to keep, delete the other's windows directory and then have a look for the boot.ini file in the root of the c drive. Open it in notepad - its just a plain text file - and remove the entry pointing to the windows directory you just deleted.

If there is any data or files on the PC you want to keep - make sure you back em up before doing any of this.

Good luck!

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by willcomp In reply to 2 OS' ???

I have seen boot choices displayed for a single XP installation. Don't know what causes it, but do know the fix.

First ensure that you do not have 2 copies of XP installed. If you do, heed advice in first response.

Run msconfig and select boot.ini tab. There should be 2 lines under [operating systems] both beginning with multi(0)disk(0). Ensure that both lines are identical.

Next you'll need to edit boot.ini and remove 1 of the redundant [operating systems] entries.

See the following link for instructions on editing boot.ini.;EN-US;q289022


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to 2 OS' ???

Is it 2 OSs or just 2 options on the boot menu?
Run msconfig, click on Boot.ini tab and click 'Check All Boot Paths'.

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by Sunny one In reply to 2 OS' ???

HP builds their machines with two partitions, one for the user and the other is the recovery partition. It is meant to be used to 'recover' the machine. HP makes a really good effort to protect the recovery partition, so a regular format won't delete it. You would have to go into the BIOS and release the partition and then reformat. BUT, I would suggest that you not do this. You may still be able to use the recovery partition to recover, or your recovery disks if you have them. If not, contact HP support and request a set of recovery disks (CD or DVD) for your HP model. Be sure to get the set, not the recovery console CD. Then follow the provided directions. If your soundcard came with your HP, the drivers and software for it will be included with the recovery disks. If not, you will need to re-install it, just like the first time.

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