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2 pc + lan intrnet connection + switcher

By mostafa90 ·
hi, how can i connect pc (A) to the internet and to pc (B)... while pc (B) connects to pc (A) only... in he other hand i got a switcher and 1 network card for each pc --( both win xp pro)...
plz help me ...

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by chaosad In reply to 2 pc + lan intrnet connec ...

This is not cool but here it goes.
1. Install the nic card to either A or B
2. Configure nic to connect to internet
3. Get a Printer type cabel and set up a Direct Cable connection.
4. once the 2 comps are talking enable internet connection sharing.
this is crazy and a very old school type method that may not work with xp. (crazy)

Realy if I were you I would just fork out the $20.00 and go get another nic card and a couple patch cables.
Have Fun :)

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by roymorden In reply to 2 pc + lan intrnet connec ...

buy another network card.
Install two cards in pc A, one for the internet connection and one for your local conection, so one plugs into your modem and the other into the switch, put the third nic into pc B and connect that to the switch. Make sure that you do not have internet sharing turned on in pc A, the two nic's that connect to the switch need to have addresses in the same subnet so either give them static addresses if you want to know the ip address of each r leave them as dhcp and they will give themselves addresses in the same range.


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by corbittb In reply to 2 pc + lan intrnet connec ...

My setup: Pc1 w/xphome connected to internet by lan card to dsl modem. This pc has a second lan card and this card is connected to a 10/100 hub. Pc 2 has a lan card is connected to the hub. When I connected pc2 to the hub xp home automatically configured my connections between the two pc's. Activate file shareing for connection between the two pc's NOT for the internet connection. Activate Internet sharing on pc1. My pc1 has the firewall and antivirus activated. Pc2 just the virus protection. So far my setup works great, is stable and secure.
When all else fails, experiment!

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by Goobs In reply to 2 pc + lan intrnet connec ...

If I am understanding your problem correctly, you have a network card for each system both connecting to a switch and the switch is connected through the uplink to the web.

If this is the case, and your switch supports it, you should be able to either do an IP address block or mac address block to the web on it. Check your switch documentation on how to do this, as each manufacturer is different.

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